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Full Refund with FTD – 10 Easy Steps (without them picking up the original delivery)

Full Refund with FTD

10 Easy Steps (without them picking up the original delivery)


FTD Delivery – What It Should Look Like

1. Remain Calm. This will be easy because you know you will always get a full refund using this process. With that knowledge, there is no need to raise your voice. Trust me, you win at the end.

2. What’s Your Name? Get the name of the person and an extension just in case you get disconnected “accidentally” — especially when you begin to ask for your full refund. It’s not uncommon for their representative to put you on hold for quite a bit and then you get disconnected. Hmmmmm … wonder what happened.

3. Calmly State Your Case. If the order received/delivered doesn’t match the description on their website, just tell them some of the details. I offered to email pictures of what I received vesus what was described on their website. They didn’t want to see it.

4. Good as Gold. Refer to their Good as Gold policy which simply reads:

The FTD ‘Good As Gold’ 7 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee fresh, beautiful floral arrangements and plants that will last at least seven days.

If you are not satisfied with the freshness of your flowers, please contact us within that time period and we will replace your item or refund your money.

5. Their Solutions. They will now offer you two options:

a. 10% discount for their mistake
b. Redelivery of what you ordered, but they take away what they originally sent.

FTD Delivery

FTD Delivery – What It Actually Looked Like

In my case, neither of these were acceptable. The 10% isn’t even on the table as a consideration. And my stance on redelivery of what I ordered and taking away what was delivered is simply tacky.

I told the representative what if this was a funeral (mine was a Valentines delivery). Would you actually go and take the flowers off the memorial site. He said that is not their policy, but my point was either a funeral or Valentines, both events are emotionally charged and should be considered the same. You simply don’t take away flowers that have been sent to another person … Martha Stewart Etiquette 101.

6. The Policy. They will refer to their policy: “In order for a full refund, they need to pick up the original order.”

7. MOST IMPORTANT STEP: Re-quote their Good as Gold Policy and calmly ask them to refer you where it says on their website further details regarding they have to pick up the original order first. They will hymn and haw, but stand your ground. They will repeatedly say, “it is our policy” — in my case, I ended up speaking with two people, the last a supervisor, and I heard “it is our policy” at minimum of a dozen times.

a. As soon as I asked the first representative to show this to me, it’s as if I opened up Pandora’s Box. She didn’t know how to respond other than the scripted “it is our policy.” She eventually broke and said that is what the “higher-ups” tell them and my immediate response to that, “Great, that’s who I need to speak with.” They will transfer you, but again, refer to step 2 above — don’t give them an opportunity to just disconnect and make your legitimate issue another person’s problem after you have to call in and repeat everything you just said. Accountability is key here.

8. Supervisor. Now you have the supervisor. Remember step 2.

9. It’s Not There. They will eventually reveal this information is not on their website for us, the consumer, to opt-in or opt-out. As a consumer, we didn’t have an option to accept this return policy or not so drumroll please … the consumer wins all the time.

10. Full FTD Refund. They will send you an email regarding the full refund and you don’t need to explain to your wife, your BFF, your mom, your dad, your support staff, or your kids why someone is standing at the front door or wreaking havoc in your  work cubicle wanting to take away your thoughtful gesture of sending flowers.


FTD Refund

Remember to stay calm. You win at the end. Now I’m waiting for Groupon to respond to my full refund request for my FTD Groupon. I obviously won’t be using FTD in the near future and I don’t want to keep watering this Groupon.

Any suggestions to work with Groupon is greatly appreciated. I used their online “contact” form to briefly describe the issue.

Lastly, make sure you get a second opinion before you start asking for full refunds. In my case, the items don’t even look similar. Wrong vase. Wrong display. The only thing “bountiful” about the arrangement description was the amount of time I spent with FTD on the telephone. Total of 48 minutes, but to recover nearly $200 for a Mickey Mouse arrangement, it was time well spent.


10 Steps for a Full FTD Refund without them picking up the original delivery.


Day 114. Listen to Your Body

Listen to Your Body

Off days are good days. RunKeeper gives me time off for good behavior on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. Wow, never actually wrote it out this way. I have more “on-days” (4) than “off-days” (3).

Last night I started feeling some tightness in my right hammy. Since I’m an athlete now, I can call it a hammy. Once I have more “off-days” than “on-days” I’ll lose the right and will be required to start calling it a hamstring again.

Listening to your body is very important when you’re training for anything. It could be a role in the high school musical or a Spartan Race. Doesn’t matter. If your body is screaming “Hold Up, Wait a Minute” it’s best to listen. In my case, on a pain scale of 1-10, I was at about a 2.5, but considering that I’m on the back-9 of my marathon training plan, a 2.5 pain level on a hammy might as well be a 10.

How I reduced the tightness in my hamstring

Life lesson #114 — Whatever you do, be healthy enough to do it for as long as you want to do it. Maintain your health and wellness so that you can enjoy life to its fullest.

How to Handle Injuries While Training

The first thing we all must do is recognize the problem, but don’t go overboard. If you are training for the Reebok Crossfit Tour, you should expect a little bit of soreness. But activity soreness versus chronic soreness is a different story. This is what we must remain mindful of.

Chronic soreness is a significant sign of the beginning of an injury or an existing injury. Once recognized as “not-normal” act immediately. This could mean taking a few days off to see if the pain dissipates over time. If it does, great. If it does not, being proactive immediately will be key to returning to your training without risking a lifetime injury.

This is almost blasphemy for guys, but go to the doctor. Get checked out. I was once told that married men live longer than single men. Why? That’s what I said too. The person jokingly said because their wives nag them to go to the doctor.

Personally, it took my wife at least 3-months of “nagging” to go to the doctor for the stiffness in my left shoulder and tingling in my right arm. She planted the seed, but ultimately the chronic pain got me in the car to make that drive to the hospital. I’m certainly glad I did, but I did learn a lesson from this. Because I waited, my healing and recovery would take longer. So I say again, act immediately.

Morning weight = 171.5

Tuesday, 10-01-2013

Day 113. Monday Morning Attempted Blues

Monday Morning Attempted Blues

I may have caught a hint of it today. Woke up feeling a bit out of sorts (in my best Austin Powers voice), but in my best Matthew Wilder voice, “Ain’t Nothing Gonna Break My Stride.”

Just from that paragraph alone, I don’t think I’m tired. Sounds more like I’m schizophrenic. Anybody see Sally Fields performance in Sybil. Saw it as a child and let’s just say Forrest Gump’s mom is to blame for Forrest’s learning disabilities.

What To do When You’ve Got the Blues

I’ve got a gameplan just in case the tired bug comes a knocking. Always pray and thank God for strength and favor in everything you do. Then after, live it. You’ve prayed it, now you must live it. So the gameplan is simple … follow the calendar and agenda for the day and with God’s help, we can choose to be joyful.

In fact, today I do not feel like running. But as we all know, feelings can be so fickle. I have friends that Instagram a picture of a Starbucks morning cap with the title “Life is good” or my personal favorite “It can’t get any better than this.” Then, literally 1 hour later, “I can’t stand my boss. SMH. Life sucks.” That type of emotional roller coaster isn’t healthy. I’m hoping we all realize this. Studies actually show that these up-and-down mental gymnastics can cause illness. “I feel sick to my stomach” is oftentimes the end result of a stressful situation. Why get sick over something that hasn’t happened yet?

I ran my scheduled 6+ miles. I wasn’t close to my average per mile pace, but for today, it was my best. And afterwards, I got to eat a grilled cheese sandwich. It’s called comfort food for a reason. In fact, the exercise made me have more energy and after I got home, I did an easy T25 set. One solution for the blues is to move!

Morning weight = 171.5. Post run and easy T25 weight = 171.

So why do we do it?

Better yet, why do we allow ourselves to fall into this trap?

The simple answer is that we don’t know any better. Our reaction to stress can be a learned behavior. Is this you? Did your parents constantly over-react to highly intense situations without taking time to first pray, say, and live it. You probably learned it from them.

What do we do from here on?

First and foremost, we must accept that worry and stress cannot change a thing. If you think differently, I’d love to hear your story. But in my life, worrying, stressing, and feeling bad about something has never made it go away. So I strive to do my best to choose to be thankful when the world tells me to worry. Final solution for the blues is to accept worry does nothing.

Life lesson #113 — Worry does not change your situation. Being thankful in the midst of a stressful situation is the key to excellence.

Monday, 09-30-2013

Day 112. Be Courageous in the Face of Evil

Warning … this update has sensitive materials. Sex trafficking.

Wonderful opportunity to listen to a man who left the comforts of America to follow a calling to serve with Agape Ministries. He is on the front line of confronting human trafficking and helping rescue girls from sex slavery, ultimately leading them to know God’s love and restoration.

So, be courageous in the face of evil. It’s not a secret what goes on in the world, even in the United States. Human trafficking is a tremendous problem. I’ve heard Joyce Meyer discuss this same topic months ago and she even shows examples that when you purchase pornography online, it is not uncommon that the participants in the pornography are not willing participants.

Watching pornography online is actually funding human trafficking — so please keep that in mind when temptations come.

So in our case, what is being courageous. Are you at a position to drop everything and leave for Cambodia? Most aren’t. I’m not so you’re not alone. But we can find information at our different church groups that support these specific ministries to help end this evil.

Here is a group I know will use your offering to its fullest.

Life lesson #112. Courage isn’t the absence of fear, but the willingness to act in spite of it.

Morning weight = 172

Sunday, 09-29-2013

Day 111. Work Hard. Play Hard.

I dislike that saying. It’s normally said by someone raising a half-empty beer in one hand while pumping the fist of the other. Here’s my problem with it …

Work hard? What does that mean? Are there times when you shouldn’t do your best? Here’s my issue with working hard. Our culture is so quick to give props to something we should be doing anyway. We should be working hard. We should be working while we are at work rather playing solitaire when the boss isn’t looking.

Life lesson #111 — Be excellent at all times.

Now, play hard. No problem with this at all. We were created to enjoy our lives, but keep things in perspective and prioritize properly. Playing hard before being excellent at your responsibilities is a recipe for disaster.

Chris Rock sums it up very well … what do you want, a cookie? Don’t get it. That’s okay. Watch this short clip and it will all make sense.

Warning — explicit language.

I Take Care of My Kids

mickey mouse shadow creepy

Someone’s At The Door

And oh, by the way, I worked hard at a 9:21 minute/mile average pace for 14-miles today and then celebrated some good friend’s 3-year-old son’s birthday. Mickey even showed. I guess you could say, I worked hard and played hard today.

Morning weight = 173.5. Post-run 169.5

Saturday, 09-28-2013

Day 110. Planning or Reacting?

Do you plan ahead?

I’ve found that doing so is very helpful. Not only plan for what is to come, but also plan for what is unforeseen. Specifically, how will you react if things don’t go as originally planned. This is a key, a secret if you will, to managing your emotions and being excellent in our daily lives.

So, I planned ahead. Not too far ahead. Just one day. And my “ahead” shows a 14-mile run on the horizon. So what does that mean for today and how should I plan for tomorrow?

For today — eat well, sleep well, and laugh well.

For tomorrow — eat well in the morning. Banana and super cocktail of Herbalife24 Prepare, Prolong, and Niteworks. And run in the morning. My attitude as I look towards tomorrow … I can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me.

Life Lesson #110 – Plan ahead for the things you do know and plan ahead for how you react to the things you don’t know.

Morning weight = 173. Post-run weight = 170.5

Friday, 09-27-2013

Day 109. Say Ahhhh …

Two days removed from Day 1 of T25 (Tuesday) and a 6.32 mile run (Wednesday), I enjoy this off day. I’ll continue T25 once I get a pair of house cross-training shoes. Attempted to use the Vibrams and it was a bit challenging. The inside of the Vibram has some loose threads and that rubbing effect wasn’t the best for my feet. My motto (one of many) … Until I finish the marathon — PROTECT MY FEET!

So, I call it a day off, but I actually did 2 sets of various arm movements, alternating with no rest with 3 sets of various shoulder movements. Rest compared to having my feet rubbed raw like I was one of the P.O.W.s in Rambo 2. No thanks to that … remember the motto!

I was able to try something new today. That’s always brain enhancing. My wife discovered a frozen Yakisoba noodle — she just happened to be really hungry that day and stumbled upon this in the community fridge. No need to call the fridge police. I took a trip to Costco and today was the day to partake. The verdict? Delicious and Fast. In three minutes, you’re eating and on your way. My kind of food.

Life lesson #109 — keep your eyes, ears, and mouths open for new opportunities. You never know what you see, what you hear, or how it tastes until you try new things.

Morning weight = 171.5.

Thursday, 09-26-2013

Day 108. Disciplined in the morning, not-so-much in the evening.

All my nutrition packed in the morning to get me through my middle-of-the-week run and after burning 839 calories according RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal tells me I just added it back with a dinner bear claw (540 calories) and buttered popcorn (720 calories). Hey, at least I didn’t do the cliche diet soda. I’m still a card carrying member of the water drinking club.

Ahhhh … but who’s counting. Well, I guess I am with the help of these two Apps.

Life lesson #108 — Use the available tools to gain insight towards your goals. Don’t use a spoon to dig a hole, use a shovel.

Morning weight = 171. Post-run weight = 170.

Today’s Meals:


Meal 1 — 8:45am


Meal 2 — 12:30pm


Meal 3 — 5:30pm


Meal Snacks (see below for times)


  • 630am – Pre run nutrition and hydration. Herbalife24 Prepare, Prolong, and Niteworks. 1 medium-sized banana. Tip! Best to eat a minimum of 30 minutes before a run. Preferably 60 minutes.
  • 3:30pm – Kind Plus Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate bar
  • 7:30pm – Local bakery – fresh bear claw. Ate 1/2 during my 5:30 dinner and enjoyed the rest later with popcorn. Salty and sweet … I think I just found my new favorite flavor. Bear claw flavored popcorn. Packed with calories and it was delicious. Regal buttered popcorn.
  • 9:30pm – Herbalife24 Restore

Meal 0 – Pre Run — 6:30am


Meal 0.1 – Post Run — 8:20am


Meal 1.1 — 10:55am


Meal 2 — 12:30pm


Meal 3 — 5:30pm


Meal 3.1 (Snack) — 7pm

Today’s Activities:

  • RunKeeper tells me I did a Great Job this morning. Reminds of that kid during Game (something) when Lebron was walking off the court after they just got beaten like a dog. This future Tony Robbins shouted out, “Great Job. Good effort” which is in fact the exact opposite of what the rest-of-the-world’s eyeball’s just witnessed.
  • Today was a 2×2 mile fast. The stages are 1 mile slow. 2 miles fast. 3 minutes slow, etc. At the end of the session, I added another 6.32 miles onto my running shoes.

RunKeeper 2×2 miles fast (09-25-2013)

Wednesday, 09-25-2013

Day 107. Day 1 of T25

Look what the postman delivered yesterday … we might as well become Beach Body representatives, better yet, Shaun T groupies. We have Insanity. We have Hip Hop Abs. We do the Dr. Oz versus Shaun T’s 15-minute workout. What? Never heard of that … Google it and then Do It! An excellent workout for the “I never have enough time” people in your life.

T25 Cardio Review

shaun t

T25 Cardio “Day 1”

I tend to rate things on sweat factor. For example, Insanity is a 3-towel workout. P90X Plyometrics is a 3-towel workout (and garbage can if you feel a little light-headed). Dr. Oz/Shaun T 15-minute workout is actually a 1-toweler.

So, what would an extra 10-minutes be like? Well after completing T25 – Cardio, it is officially a 2 1/2 towel workout. I’ve ran 14-miles and didn’t sweat as much as this workout. Just glad I was at home because after 6 minutes, I was already shirtless workout guy. You know the guy … he’s the one that when it comes to a “shirts and skins” pickup game of hoops, he can’t wait to be skins. He’s the guy in the gym that wears the matching Gold’s Gym spaghetti string tank top and biker shorts ensemble while he works out at 24 Hour Fitness. Well, I turned into all these guys shortly into this workout. Thank God I was in the comfort and seclusion of my family room.

The Good. It’s in the name. 25-minutes. Come on. If you can’t find 25-minutes at least 2 times a week, you’re either too rich to care or (permission to be honest) just lazy. Nobody is that busy. You may think you are, but we need to ask ourselves this simple question. How do others manage their 24-hours? Ultimately, it certainly is possible — just make a decision. Also, the constant movement is wonderful. First starting out slowly to get the body acclimated to the movement. It’s almost like a rest period while accomplishing its goal, steadily, but rapidly building up to a burn movement. Each movement is about 1 minute, targeting specific areas for 4 straight movements until Shaun T moves onto the next.

Then, that “rest” movement and repeats. So, ultimately, it is 25-minutes, but realistically, there is only 20 minutes of an intense, 2-towel-type of workout. Also, the girl that was featured front row in the Insanity discs is highlighted here as well, but (permission to be honest again), not so in-your-face annoying. First, congratulations to her because she just had a baby and she is featured for the low-impact version of the workout. Smart Shaun T. Very smart!

The bad. Your washing machines will go on overdrive because of all the extra loads of clothes and towels you’ll need to wash post workout. This again is a 2 1/2 toweler and there is nothing bad about this at all, at least Disc 01 – Cardio.

Will review the other workouts in the series as I do them, but I don’t plan on doing the consecutive 60 day workout. Sounds odd to say this outloud, being that I just soap-boxed the “lazy” tag for those who can’t find 25-minutes. I have my reasons. Notice how I didn’t say excuses, but reasons. In short, I’m nearing 80 miles per month road time now and I don’t want to burn out 60 some odd days from my main goal. I can say I’m excited for the possibilities for T25 as a lifetime workout. After graduating P90X and finishing 75% of Insanity, I can see this being an everyday workout. P90X and Insanity (permission to be honest once again) weren’t realistic for my lifestyle and being constantly sore wasn’t fun. Anyway, I don’t want to be “shirtless gym guy” anyway. You have permission to mock me if that day ever comes.

Life lesson #107 — You can “find” 25 minutes to do anything. Why not make that thing a workout.

Morning weight = 170.5

Today’s Meals:

Herbalife run

Meal 1 — 8:15am

herbalife run

Meal 2 — 11:45am 

Herbalife Run

Meal 3 — 5:30pm


Meal Various Snacks (see below for times)


Herbalife marathon

MyFitnessPal 09-24-2013 Results

T25 nutrition

Meal 1.1

mexican food

Meal 2

herbalife nutrition

Meal 3

herbalife run

Meal 3.1

Today’s Activities:

  • Off day, but doesn’t give me an excuse to sit on the couch to watch Seinfeld reruns (as good as that might sound). Shaun T’s T25 arrived yesterday so let’s give this a try. Cross-training will certainly help my fitness and help prevent silly injuries.
  • Googled the calorie burn for T25 Cardio. 600 calories for a 25-minute workout.

Tuesday, 09-24-2013