Life Lessons From Running

100 Life Lessons From Running

You can learn a lot about yourself, but only if you pay attention and if you choose to.

It’s been said that God created us with 2 ears and 1 mouth so we should listen twice as much as we speak. Bluntly, sometimes it’s just a good idea to zip it. No need to be right. No need to be wrong. Just good to be a peacemaker. And running long distances, with nothing but your thoughts and an iPod blaringĀ You Raise Me Up to keep you company. What, Josh Groban doesn’t get you pumped up? Me neither! I’m more of Kurt Cobain guy myself. Where were you when the world was notified that Nirvana’s front man took his own life? I can still hear MTV VJ Kurt Loder and his special report.

Don’t misunderstand. Not saying to be pushed around, but peace is the ultimate prize beyond being right. It’s just my opinion, but would you rather have a peaceful marriage, friendship, or partnership or be right about driving directions when you’re really lost. You choose.

Stride-by-stride, I’m learning different things and reinforcing good teachings I’ve learned from past experiences. These daily life lessons are spiritually rooted so please understand first and foremost, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (a favorite of mine as I get to mile 11 and the burn sets in). I will never claim to be a so-called expert, but I do have life experiences that are life lessons.

Here you’ll find my daily life lessons from running and I’m hopeful these can make a difference in your thinking; take these daily life lessons and make them a part of your walking life. Biblically-speaking … where the mind goes, the man follows so it is important to make sure your mind is going the right direction.

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