Have you ever been swayed into buying yet another blender or pillow pet because of those master convinces on late night infomercials? Me too! And guess what, I’m not ashamed of it. How else would I have ever purchased the Pocket Fisherman or started my own radio show with the classic catchphrase, “I’m on the radio!” I will review products I actually use.

Review Clif Shot Energy Gel

Are Clif Shot Energy Gels Helpful?

Well, if you’ve never owned a pager or made a mixtape, you probably don’t even recognize those last two products, but the point is simple. I am not here to convince you a la Vince the Shammy Guy. I am not here to persuade you in either direction. I am here to give you my personal opinion on edible and non-edible products I will be using to prepare for my first marathon. I’ll be using Herbalife and Herbalife 24 products for my nutritional and athletic needs and utilizing the free Apps RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal to keep me on focused and on track for my caloric and training needs. In addition, you’ll find answers to Brooks, New Balance, or Adidas — which is the best for trails and road? It’s New Balance for trail. Find out why.

What You’ll Find

You’ll find out how much things cost, where to find it, and if it made any difference. For example, if I currently run an 8-minute mile and then change from Brooks to Adidas and now run a 6-minute mile, you’ll be the first to know. Conversely, if I go from 8-minutes to 10-minutes, that’s definitely newsworthy as well.

So, if you are a runner and want an opinion of someone that is actually using the products to help with distance and endurance, this is your place. Unlike Tiger promoting Buicks — come on, the first time I see Tiger driving a Buick will be the only time. These reviews are real and will be helpful to anyone attempting to run their first marathon.

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