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Marathon or Bust!

Have you ever opened up your mouth before thinking? Sometimes the emotions of the moment get us all, but if I’ve learned anything in my 40+ years of existence, finish what you start.

marathon or bust why at 42 i am running my first marathon

Marathon or Bust

About a decade ago, I made such a statement to friends and family. It sounded great at the time to someone that loved running, but that was not me. I can’t even remember why I said it now, but as the years have passed since those fateful words, some things have changed, specifically my brother passed away from cancer at a very young age and way too early. When someone near and dear passes, it’s always too early. After experiencing his struggles, his battles, the laughter and tears, I’ve learned to love running. In those quiet times on the road with nothing but me, my thoughts, running shoes, and an iPhone, I press on and thank God for the time I spent with my big brother. I can hear that air guitar blaring each and every step towards the finish line bro!

So I run. I run to finish what I declared years ago with made-up enthusiasm, “I will run a marathon!” This is my daily story of what I eat, what I do and how much I do and eat. Like in any new journey, the first step is to Google it! So my Google results showed me that nutrition will be key and Herbalife has a product line called Herbalife24 that was named best in a triathlon magazine. If it’s good for 3 events, it must be great for just one.

I’ll be finding and rediscovering life lessons as I press on. December 8, 2013 is on my calendar and I’m betting they’ll also be laughter and tears along this journey.

~ Dedicated to everyone that lost someone

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