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Day 111. Work Hard. Play Hard.

I dislike that saying. It’s normally said by someone raising a half-empty beer in one hand while pumping the fist of the other. Here’s my problem with it …

Work hard? What does that mean? Are there times when you shouldn’t do your best? Here’s my issue with working hard. Our culture is so quick to give props to something we should be doing anyway. We should be working hard. We should be working while we are at work rather playing solitaire when the boss isn’t looking.

Life lesson #111 — Be excellent at all times.

Now, play hard. No problem with this at all. We were created to enjoy our lives, but keep things in perspective and prioritize properly. Playing hard before being excellent at your responsibilities is a recipe for disaster.

Chris Rock sums it up very well … what do you want, a cookie? Don’t get it. That’s okay. Watch this short clip and it will all make sense.

Warning — explicit language.

I Take Care of My Kids

mickey mouse shadow creepy

Someone’s At The Door

And oh, by the way, I worked hard at a 9:21 minute/mile average pace for 14-miles today and then celebrated some good friend’s 3-year-old son’s birthday. Mickey even showed. I guess you could say, I worked hard and played hard today.

Morning weight = 173.5. Post-run 169.5

Saturday, 09-28-2013