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Day 110. Planning or Reacting?

Do you plan ahead?

I’ve found that doing so is very helpful. Not only plan for what is to come, but also plan for what is unforeseen. Specifically, how will you react if things don’t go as originally planned. This is a key, a secret if you will, to managing your emotions and being excellent in our daily lives.

So, I planned ahead. Not too far ahead. Just one day. And my “ahead” shows a 14-mile run on the horizon. So what does that mean for today and how should I plan for tomorrow?

For today — eat well, sleep well, and laugh well.

For tomorrow — eat well in the morning. Banana and super cocktail of Herbalife24 Prepare, Prolong, and Niteworks. And run in the morning. My attitude as I look towards tomorrow … I can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me.

Life Lesson #110 – Plan ahead for the things you do know and plan ahead for how you react to the things you don’t know.

Morning weight = 173. Post-run weight = 170.5

Friday, 09-27-2013