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Day 127. My Longest Run

My Longest Run

Coming off my personal best for a 10K at a 7:47 pace, I was feeling pretty good going into today. RunKeeper only has me going 15 miles, but nobody says I can’t add additional miles. What’s an extra mile amongst friends, right?

So after loading up on Herbalife24 and a banana, off I go.

Helpful tips for your longest run?

  1. Eat a high carb to protein ratio meal before you leave. A 12-1 carb to protein ratio is an excellent choice. Sorry, no Taco Bell or Egg McMuffins.
  2. Eat that pre-run meal at least 30-60 minutes before you leave.
  3. Don’t drink too much during your run. You’ll find yourself feeling like a washing machine and without all the gory details, you might see what you just drank.
  4. Listen to your body and then listen to your will. Now, I say this with a little hesitation. If you’re an Olympic athlete and the difference between gold and silver is hundredths of a second, listen to your will. But, for the 99.9% of us that will never step on a podium with our national anthem blaring as our theme song, don’t harm yourself. Walking is still moving. Or you can think of it as walking is just slower running.

Morning weight = 169.5. Post run weight 168.

I don’t really understand this … I’ve run 5 miles and lost 2-3 pounds. After 16 miles, I lost a total of 1.5 pounds. Don’t misunderstand … I’m not on a weight loss program. I am on a fitness and endurance program. But, I still like to think certain aspects of calories burned for weight loss are still constant. After burning nearly 2,100 calories, I would expect to see a 4 pound weight loss. (500 calorie deficit typically equals a pound). Let’s just say my scale was broken that day and it all washes out in the end.

Today’s Meals:

run262 myfitnesspal meal plan

MyFitnessPal 10-14-2013

Today’s Activities:

  • Wow. I ain’t going to lie. My longest run of 16 miles felt like the longest time I’ve ever been on my feet. I used all the tricks in the book — after the first 10K, reset my brain to say “just do another 10K” I tried telling myself to just keep shuffling my feet and that isn’t even going to tire me. Tried many things, but that was not easy.
  • Got to the point where I actually had to walk or I was going to die (insert the little girl’s voice from Despicable Me). You’ll notice at mile 15, that’s where I stopped by my local Chinese restaurant and asked for a cup of water. If I’m being accurate, it sounded more like, “water … water”
  • What did I learn? It’s okay to walk before you go into full shutdown mode. I came pretty close today at mile 13. My will was strong, but my body was saying my will is just plain stupid. Also, don’t drink too much during long runs. Swigs and swishes are recommended. I’m trying to hide this disgusting fact, but I threw up on 2nd Street. At least I did it in the plants and being that our town is so progressively organic, they’d probably approve and the city council would give me the keys to the city for thinking outside the box.
run262 runkeeper 16 miles

RunKeeper 16-mile steady

Day 126. Doing Nothing Doesn’t Mean Doing Nothing

Doing Nothing Doesn’t Mean Doing Nothing

Sunday is definitely one of the best days of week. I’m surprised nobody has coined the phrase TGIS … Katy Perry, you sang gospel songs before. I hear a follow-up to your smash hit.

Even though I don’t have a scheduled training run on the books, that doesn’t give me an excuse to do nothing. In fact, doing nothing doesn’t mean doing nothing. Let me explain.

Just because you are in training and training schedules say “rest day”, this doesn’t give you a green light to do nothing. For me, it’s serving at church if it’s a Sunday. On my “rest days” of Tuesday and Thursday, that can mean doing a light workout with my good friends Tony Horton or Shaun T. THort or Shaun … we’re on a nickname basis now. Shoot, I’ve paid them enough through Beach Body DVDs, I should be on their speed dial.

So, today’s day of rest means a day of service. Ask yourself daily, what can you do to bless somebody else today? And it’s not only scientifically proven, but more importantly, supported by the Bible, you will reap what you sow.

Morning weight = 170.5

Today’s Meals:

run262 myfitnesspal meal plan

MyFitnessPal 10-13-2013

  • 6:50pm (Meal 3) — What goes best with a gourmet pizza? Some argue beer, but I’ll leave that to those Oktobrewfest participants last night. Fries are a great compliment to pizza and better yet, Burger King had a “don’t ask, don’t tell” deal going on. I just hit the drive-thru, asked for fries, and drove off. How cool is that! These new fries … not so good. I miss the old fries already, but that’s why they offer a sample.
run262 burger king fries

Meal 3 — 7pm


Today’s Activities:

  • Break, considering I have a 16 miles run tomorrow. Want to start my week off with a bang and couldn’t think of a better way other than this. They say the most successful people in their particular industries always do the difficult tasks first. That will be my longest distance I’ve ever run so today, I eat well, enjoy the people around me, and enjoy the blessing of rest.

Sunday, 10-13-2013

Day 124. Start Out Steady and Finish Strong

Start Out Steady and Finish Strong

I’m not just days into my marathon training runs, not even weeks. I’m now many, many months into this training plan and here is what I’ve learned.

You obviously cannot run 26.2 miles every other day to prepare for 26.2 miles. Even running half-marathons of 13.1 miles per week as you get started could ultimately get you prematurely burned out and possibly injured. So, what happens when you see a scheduled training run of anything less than 8 miles?

These are the times you can improve your stamina and prepare for the longer distances. Start out steady and finish strong. Steady for me right now is around the 9-minute mile pace and each mile I do my best to shave seconds off per mile. Finish strong can mean you shave off nearly 1 minute per mile from your first.

Give your body a chance to get into “the groove” — the point where you don’t even realize you are running. A Forest Gumplike-state. If you come out of the gates too fast, you’ll definitely know you’re in for a battle, especially if you have another 10 miles or worse, 25 more miles to go. I’ve done both. When I first starting training, my machismo was in control and I wanted to run so fast. Now, with a little experience and my machismo in check, I’ve learned that a steady start is key to a strong finish.

Not only does this build the needed stamina for those long runs of 10-plus miles, but it also helps build speed and that all-elusive “kick” we hear so much about as we approach the finish line instead of that painful grimace so many of us wear as we break the tape.

I’ll put this to the test tomorrow for a 10K race.

Morning weight = 172. Post run = 169.5

Today’s Meals:

run262 start out steady and finish strong

MyFitnessPal 10-11-2013

  • 3:10pm (Meal 2.1) — Corn Pops Cereal, Blue Diamond Almond Milk, and 2 scoops of Herbalife Personalized Protein Powder. There’s no reason why you can’t add your favorite protein powders to your favorite cereals to boost the nutritional value and the protein content. It doesn’t even change the flavor, well maybe a little, but the benefit of the added protein far outweighs any change of flavor. Just make you to add all the dry ingredients first, mix with your spoon, and then add your milk, soy milk, or almond milk. If you do it the other way around, you’ll be staring down at a bowl of cereal gu.
run262 corn pop cereal herbalife protein powder

Meal 2.1 — 3:10pm

Today’s Activities:

  • Today is a 5 mile easy run. RunKeeper basically says take it easy and there’s no need to push the pace. They do recommend running on soft surfaces and terrain similar to the event.
  • I start out slow and steadily “push the pace” but nothing too much. What I have learned … start out steady and finish strong. This will prepare you for long runs.
run262 start out steady and finish strong

RunKeeper 5 mile easy run

Friday, 10-11-2013

Herbalife Formula 1 Express Meal Bar – Cookies ‘n Cream

Herbalife Formula 1 Express Meal Bar – Cookies ‘n Cream

run262 Herbalife Express Meal Bar - Cookies 'n Cream

Herbalife Formula 1 Express Meal Bar – Cookies ‘n Cream

I eat a lot of protein snack bars. Detour, Kind, PowerBar, ClifBar, even Luna. I eat them for several reasons. Before physical activity and after physical activity. I eat them for snacks. But beyond all the different protein bars and reading labels for low sugar and high protein, there is one factor that must be present and at the forefront of all these critical factors. It must taste good.

The Good. Herbalife Formula 1 Express Meal Bar – Cookies ‘n Cream met the first requirement. It tasted good. Imagine a scoop of cookies ‘n cream ice cream and a scoop of vanilla in a sugar cone. Yep, that’s right. It was sweet.

The Bad. It was sweet. Yes, that’s right. The sweetness made the good and bad column. The sweetness helps in the short term goodness, but if you are like me, I like to stick with the same food item and limit my choices. Because of the sweetness, I can’t see myself eating this bar over a long period of time.

The Verdict. Perfect for the sweet tooth in all of us. But if you like to eat your protein bars daily, this one might be a little too sweet for you. But if you have that insatiable sweet tooth, you are going to buy these by the box.

Day 122. Running in the Wind

Running in the Wind

What’s a runners best friend? One could argue it’s their earbuds. Possibly even a water bottle for longer runs. Even a running partner.

Well, I say it’s the wind at your back. I’m not sure if the non-running world understands the significance of a tailwind. Professional running events even put an asterix and label a run “wind aided.” I’m sure you’ve seen those hilarious videos of weather anchors fighting hurricane winds. The bottom line … tailwind good, headwind bad.

3 Strategies for Running in the Wind:

  1. Go With It. The tailwind. Just like a golfer, check the wind direction. If you aren’t particularly feeling strong that day, plan your running route accordingly. Make it a point that the majority of your miles are down with the wind at your back. You’ll actually shed a noticeable amount of time off your per mile average.
  2. Don’t Battle It. The headwind. See the above reasoning and plan your route. If you happen to live in an area that is mostly flat, increase the intensity of your training by running into the wind.
  3. Pay Attention. Knowing your training route is important. For long runs, if you do not have the option to change your course, tell yourself not to fight it and accept the fact your per minute mile won’t be record shattering. When you have the wind at your back, you will make up lost seconds.

Today was one of those days. With a scheduled 7-mile run, I wasn’t feeling too strong, but also wanted to get a fast per mile pace. I changed my route to get that asterix “wind aided” tag and after 7-miles and a 8:28 average pace, the plan worked.

Morning weight = 172

Today’s Meals:

run262 running in the wind

MyFitnessPal 10-09-2013

10:30am (Meal 1.1) — Herbalife24 Formula 1 Express Meal Bar (Cookies and Cream). This is my first time trying the bar. Did I love it? Hate it? Let’s find out.

run262 running in the wind

Meal 1.1 — 10:30am

Today’s Activities:

  • RunKeeper 7 mile slow/fast
  • 1 mile slow. 5 miles fast. 1 mile slow.
  • Finished averaging 8:28 miles per minute. Had back to back fast miles at 8:14 per minute.
run262 running in the wind

RunKeeper 10-09-2013

Wednesday, 10-09-2013