Day 122. Running in the Wind

Running in the Wind

What’s a runners best friend? One could argue it’s their earbuds. Possibly even a water bottle for longer runs. Even a running partner.

Well, I say it’s the wind at your back. I’m not sure if the non-running world understands the significance of a tailwind. Professional running events even put an asterix and label a run “wind aided.” I’m sure you’ve seen those hilarious videos of weather anchors fighting hurricane winds. The bottom line … tailwind good, headwind bad.

3 Strategies for Running in the Wind:

  1. Go With It. The tailwind. Just like a golfer, check the wind direction. If you aren’t particularly feeling strong that day, plan your running route accordingly. Make it a point that the majority of your miles are down with the wind at your back. You’ll actually shed a noticeable amount of time off your per mile average.
  2. Don’t Battle It. The headwind. See the above reasoning and plan your route. If you happen to live in an area that is mostly flat, increase the intensity of your training by running into the wind.
  3. Pay Attention. Knowing your training route is important. For long runs, if you do not have the option to change your course, tell yourself not to fight it and accept the fact your per minute mile won’t be record shattering. When you have the wind at your back, you will make up lost seconds.

Today was one of those days. With a scheduled 7-mile run, I wasn’t feeling too strong, but also wanted to get a fast per mile pace. I changed my route to get that asterix “wind aided” tag and after 7-miles and a 8:28 average pace, the plan worked.

Morning weight = 172

Today’s Meals:

run262 running in the wind

MyFitnessPal 10-09-2013

10:30am (Meal 1.1) — Herbalife24 Formula 1 Express Meal Bar (Cookies and Cream). This is my first time trying the bar. Did I love it? Hate it? Let’s find out.

run262 running in the wind

Meal 1.1 — 10:30am

Today’s Activities:

  • RunKeeper 7 mile slow/fast
  • 1 mile slow. 5 miles fast. 1 mile slow.
  • Finished averaging 8:28 miles per minute. Had back to back fast miles at 8:14 per minute.
run262 running in the wind

RunKeeper 10-09-2013

Wednesday, 10-09-2013

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