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Day 109. A Day Without Cardio

A Day Without Cardio

run262 marathon

Light Weights 09-26-2013

A so-called off day is a day without cardio. After Tuesday’s T25 premiere performance, my calves were on fire. A good thing. From the calves down, it looked like Arnold in his heyday. T25 definitely works the total body, starting at the calves!

Wednesday’s 6.32 mile run at an average pace of 8:43/minute was a welcome cool down from T25’s nastiness. I’ll certainly be returning to further days with Shaun T and the gang, but for now, I need a pair of house shoes. What are house shoes? The brand doesn’t matter, it’s just shoes for the house, thus house shoes. These shoes will never touch the outside — it’s like having a declawed cat. Only stays indoors.

Today was a welcomed “off-day” — a day with no cardio. 2 supersets of biceps immediately chased by 3 supersets of shoulders was like a walk in the park compared to my recent activities. Thankfully, I am getting stronger and starting to build the strength lost from the months of recovering from my Tough Mudder injury. This is a big, big deal to be able to even do a shoulder press and like the name, I’ll continue to press on, combining strength training with cardio blasts!

Thursday, 09-26-2013

Day 108. Disciplined in the morning, not-so-much in the evening.

All my nutrition packed in the morning to get me through my middle-of-the-week run and after burning 839 calories according RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal tells me I just added it back with a dinner bear claw (540 calories) and buttered popcorn (720 calories). Hey, at least I didn’t do the cliche diet soda. I’m still a card carrying member of the water drinking club.

Ahhhh … but who’s counting. Well, I guess I am with the help of these two Apps.

Life lesson #108 — Use the available tools to gain insight towards your goals. Don’t use a spoon to dig a hole, use a shovel.

Morning weight = 171. Post-run weight = 170.

Today’s Meals:


Meal 1 — 8:45am


Meal 2 — 12:30pm


Meal 3 — 5:30pm


Meal Snacks (see below for times)


  • 630am – Pre run nutrition and hydration. Herbalife24 Prepare, Prolong, and Niteworks. 1 medium-sized banana. Tip! Best to eat a minimum of 30 minutes before a run. Preferably 60 minutes.
  • 3:30pm – Kind Plus Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate bar
  • 7:30pm – Local bakery – fresh bear claw. Ate 1/2 during my 5:30 dinner and enjoyed the rest later with popcorn. Salty and sweet … I think I just found my new favorite flavor. Bear claw flavored popcorn. Packed with calories and it was delicious. Regal buttered popcorn.
  • 9:30pm – Herbalife24 Restore

Meal 0 – Pre Run — 6:30am


Meal 0.1 – Post Run — 8:20am


Meal 1.1 — 10:55am


Meal 2 — 12:30pm


Meal 3 — 5:30pm


Meal 3.1 (Snack) — 7pm

Today’s Activities:

  • RunKeeper tells me I did a Great Job this morning. Reminds of that kid during Game (something) when Lebron was walking off the court after they just got beaten like a dog. This future Tony Robbins shouted out, “Great Job. Good effort” which is in fact the exact opposite of what the rest-of-the-world’s eyeball’s just witnessed.
  • Today was a 2×2 mile fast. The stages are 1 mile slow. 2 miles fast. 3 minutes slow, etc. At the end of the session, I added another 6.32 miles onto my running shoes.

RunKeeper 2×2 miles fast (09-25-2013)

Wednesday, 09-25-2013

Day 107. Day 1 of T25

Look what the postman delivered yesterday … we might as well become Beach Body representatives, better yet, Shaun T groupies. We have Insanity. We have Hip Hop Abs. We do the Dr. Oz versus Shaun T’s 15-minute workout. What? Never heard of that … Google it and then Do It! An excellent workout for the “I never have enough time” people in your life.

T25 Cardio Review

shaun t

T25 Cardio “Day 1”

I tend to rate things on sweat factor. For example, Insanity is a 3-towel workout. P90X Plyometrics is a 3-towel workout (and garbage can if you feel a little light-headed). Dr. Oz/Shaun T 15-minute workout is actually a 1-toweler.

So, what would an extra 10-minutes be like? Well after completing T25 – Cardio, it is officially a 2 1/2 towel workout. I’ve ran 14-miles and didn’t sweat as much as this workout. Just glad I was at home because after 6 minutes, I was already shirtless workout guy. You know the guy … he’s the one that when it comes to a “shirts and skins” pickup game of hoops, he can’t wait to be skins. He’s the guy in the gym that wears the matching Gold’s Gym spaghetti string tank top and biker shorts ensemble while he works out at 24 Hour Fitness. Well, I turned into all these guys shortly into this workout. Thank God I was in the comfort and seclusion of my family room.

The Good. It’s in the name. 25-minutes. Come on. If you can’t find 25-minutes at least 2 times a week, you’re either too rich to care or (permission to be honest) just lazy. Nobody is that busy. You may think you are, but we need to ask ourselves this simple question. How do others manage their 24-hours? Ultimately, it certainly is possible — just make a decision. Also, the constant movement is wonderful. First starting out slowly to get the body acclimated to the movement. It’s almost like a rest period while accomplishing its goal, steadily, but rapidly building up to a burn movement. Each movement is about 1 minute, targeting specific areas for 4 straight movements until Shaun T moves onto the next.

Then, that “rest” movement and repeats. So, ultimately, it is 25-minutes, but realistically, there is only 20 minutes of an intense, 2-towel-type of workout. Also, the girl that was featured front row in the Insanity discs is highlighted here as well, but (permission to be honest again), not so in-your-face annoying. First, congratulations to her because she just had a baby and she is featured for the low-impact version of the workout. Smart Shaun T. Very smart!

The bad. Your washing machines will go on overdrive because of all the extra loads of clothes and towels you’ll need to wash post workout. This again is a 2 1/2 toweler and there is nothing bad about this at all, at least Disc 01 – Cardio.

Will review the other workouts in the series as I do them, but I don’t plan on doing the consecutive 60 day workout. Sounds odd to say this outloud, being that I just soap-boxed the “lazy” tag for those who can’t find 25-minutes. I have my reasons. Notice how I didn’t say excuses, but reasons. In short, I’m nearing 80 miles per month road time now and I don’t want to burn out 60 some odd days from my main goal. I can say I’m excited for the possibilities for T25 as a lifetime workout. After graduating P90X and finishing 75% of Insanity, I can see this being an everyday workout. P90X and Insanity (permission to be honest once again) weren’t realistic for my lifestyle and being constantly sore wasn’t fun. Anyway, I don’t want to be “shirtless gym guy” anyway. You have permission to mock me if that day ever comes.

Life lesson #107 — You can “find” 25 minutes to do anything. Why not make that thing a workout.

Morning weight = 170.5

Today’s Meals:

Herbalife run

Meal 1 — 8:15am

herbalife run

Meal 2 — 11:45amĀ 

Herbalife Run

Meal 3 — 5:30pm


Meal Various Snacks (see below for times)


Herbalife marathon

MyFitnessPal 09-24-2013 Results

T25 nutrition

Meal 1.1

mexican food

Meal 2

herbalife nutrition

Meal 3

herbalife run

Meal 3.1

Today’s Activities:

  • Off day, but doesn’t give me an excuse to sit on the couch to watch Seinfeld reruns (as good as that might sound). Shaun T’s T25 arrived yesterday so let’s give this a try. Cross-training will certainly help my fitness and help prevent silly injuries.
  • Googled the calorie burn for T25 Cardio. 600 calories for a 25-minute workout.

Tuesday, 09-24-2013