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Day 109. Say Ahhhh …

Two days removed from Day 1 of T25 (Tuesday) and a 6.32 mile run (Wednesday), I enjoy this off day. I’ll continue T25 once I get a pair of house cross-training shoes. Attempted to use the Vibrams and it was a bit challenging. The inside of the Vibram has some loose threads and that rubbing effect wasn’t the best for my feet. My motto (one of many) … Until I finish the marathon — PROTECT MY FEET!

So, I call it a day off, but I actually did 2 sets of various arm movements, alternating with no rest with 3 sets of various shoulder movements. Rest compared to having my feet rubbed raw like I was one of the P.O.W.s in Rambo 2. No thanks to that … remember the motto!

I was able to try something new today. That’s always brain enhancing. My wife discovered a frozen Yakisoba noodle — she just happened to be really hungry that day and stumbled upon this in the community fridge. No need to call the fridge police. I took a trip to Costco and today was the day to partake. The verdict? Delicious and Fast. In three minutes, you’re eating and on your way. My kind of food.

Life lesson #109 — keep your eyes, ears, and mouths open for new opportunities. You never know what you see, what you hear, or how it tastes until you try new things.

Morning weight = 171.5.

Thursday, 09-26-2013