Day 111. What to eat before a long run?

Today’s Meals:

Today surrounded two major events. Morning 14-mile run and an evening birthday party. I needed strength to get through the run and I needed stamina to manage tonight’s party. I did great on the run, but not-so-great at the party. Still wasn’t hungry so I just had a slice of the best ever carrot cake I’ve ever had with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Note to self — ask again who made that cake.

Don’t get me wrong — I didn’t hermit it in the corner, but I just plopped in a chair and whoever sat near me would be forced to listen to me go on and on about my morning run. Oh no … I turned into one of those guys. You know the one, “Look at me guy” Turn every conversation into something I want to talk about.

Note to self — don’t be “Look at me guy”

run262 marathon meal plan

MyFitnessPal 09-28-2013

When Did I Eat?

  • 7:20am (Meal 0) — pre-run nutrition. Come on Herbalife24 and a banana! I’m counting on you today.
run262 marathon pre run

Meal 0 (Pre-Run) — 7:20am

  • Meal 0.1 (8:10am-11am) — Clif Shots at mile 3 and mile 10 and strategic sipping of my Herbalife24 Prepare, Prolong, and Niteworks to go.
run262 marathon meal plan

Meal 0.1 (During Run)

  • 11:20am (Meal 2) — Home and not really hungry. But at the organized runs, they have Zico for the taking. When all else fails, go back to what the professionals do. In this case, I needed to rehydrate. That pasta pictured was leftover from last night and all I did was play with my food. That banana was only half eaten as well.
run262 marathon meal plan

Meal 2 (post run) – 11:20am

  • 7pm (Meal 3) — Happy Birthday Dear Crispy, Happy Birthday to you! The best carrot cake ever. Had a whip cream frosting rather than that typical sweet layer of stuff I usually scrape off anyway. Saved me the efforts of scraping and more for eating! Delicious. They had catered Mexican food, but this cake is all I was up to.
run262 marathon meal plan

Meal 3 — 7pm

  • 8:10pm (Meal 3.1) — Left the party and didn’t want to press my luck. Not hungry, but I know not eating would be a mistake. Stopped at our favorite Chinese restaurant for a bowl of egg drop soup, rice, and oranges. Now I’m feeling better! As you can see, not a big fan of peas. Does anybody else put rice in their soups? If not, what are you waiting for!

run262 marathon meal planMeal 3.1 — 8:10pm

Saturday, 09-28-2013

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