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Day 111. What to eat before a long run?

Today’s Meals:

Today surrounded two major events. Morning 14-mile run and an evening birthday party. I needed strength to get through the run and I needed stamina to manage tonight’s party. I did great on the run, but not-so-great at the party. Still wasn’t hungry so I just had a slice of the best ever carrot cake I’ve ever had with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Note to self — ask again who made that cake.

Don’t get me wrong — I didn’t hermit it in the corner, but I just plopped in a chair and whoever sat near me would be forced to listen to me go on and on about my morning run. Oh no … I turned into one of those guys. You know the one, “Look at me guy” Turn every conversation into something I want to talk about.

Note to self — don’t be “Look at me guy”

run262 marathon meal plan

MyFitnessPal 09-28-2013

When Did I Eat?

  • 7:20am (Meal 0) — pre-run nutrition. Come on Herbalife24 and a banana! I’m counting on you today.
run262 marathon pre run

Meal 0 (Pre-Run) — 7:20am

  • Meal 0.1 (8:10am-11am) — Clif Shots at mile 3 and mile 10 and strategic sipping of my Herbalife24 Prepare, Prolong, and Niteworks to go.
run262 marathon meal plan

Meal 0.1 (During Run)

  • 11:20am (Meal 2) — Home and not really hungry. But at the organized runs, they have Zico for the taking. When all else fails, go back to what the professionals do. In this case, I needed to rehydrate. That pasta pictured was leftover from last night and all I did was play with my food. That banana was only half eaten as well.
run262 marathon meal plan

Meal 2 (post run) – 11:20am

  • 7pm (Meal 3) — Happy Birthday Dear Crispy, Happy Birthday to you! The best carrot cake ever. Had a whip cream frosting rather than that typical sweet layer of stuff I usually scrape off anyway. Saved me the efforts of scraping and more for eating! Delicious. They had catered Mexican food, but this cake is all I was up to.
run262 marathon meal plan

Meal 3 — 7pm

  • 8:10pm (Meal 3.1) — Left the party and didn’t want to press my luck. Not hungry, but I know not eating would be a mistake. Stopped at our favorite Chinese restaurant for a bowl of egg drop soup, rice, and oranges. Now I’m feeling better! As you can see, not a big fan of peas. Does anybody else put rice in their soups? If not, what are you waiting for!

run262 marathon meal planMeal 3.1 — 8:10pm

Saturday, 09-28-2013

Day 111. 14 Miles

It’s 8:30ish. Birds Chirping. Sun beginning to fully greet. A beautiful day for a run. What? Runkeeper says 14-miles?

Record scratch. Sun looking really hot. Is that a heavy wind coming through town?

Two mindsets, but I’m glad I can only listen to one and I’m glad it was my first power thoughts.

Saturday’s are the payoff for my Monday (recovery from Sunday’s race day), Wednesday (6.32 miles), and Friday (4 miles) efforts.

How I felt during the run?

Was excited coming into this run. This being my 28th training session and the distances are now increasing. Feeling a bit hyped up. Sure, that first step is with a little hesitation because I know once I go, I go. There’s no stopping and that first step is the first of probably 28,000 steps. Just guessing, but I wanted to throw out a large number that just sounds so ridiculous. Makes 14 miles sound better than saying, “Hey, do you want to walk/run 28,000 steps with me this morning?”

During the run, I ate my Clif Shots at mile 3 and mile 10. I’ve learned to never let my body need anything — be proactive in its nutrition. I learned the hard way that once you lack, it’s hard to get it back. Take that Johnny Cochran!

Plus, I was strapped with my handy-dandy Batman utility belt. But instead of all those cool gadgets, i just had 2 8 ounce water bottles filled with my magic hydration and endurance potion of Herbalife24 Prolong, Prepare, and Niteworks. I mix it separately and pour it into the bottles so it does mix. And I’ll tell you, once that automated female voice said, “Workout completed” I couldn’t wait to down that last ounce of liquid.

Attribute my strong feeling towards my morning meal and I had a good night’s rest. My first mile was 9:25. My fourth mile was 9:32. Mile 9 was 10:08, but then I brought it home with a final mile of 9:07. All averaging out to 9:21 per mile average. Not quite Olympics-worthy, but if I could, I would jump for joy.

How I felt after the run?

It felt like I ran 28,000 steps. What kind of question is that? My feet were a bit sore and my shoulders felt like I did 28,000 shrugs. All manageable and expected. What I wasn’t expecting was the overall lethargy. Just felt blah. I could imagine it’s how diabetics feel when their blood sugar drops significantly.

Not hungry at all — just took a couple bites of a banana and just moved around the leftover pasta. I did refuel with Herbalife24 Hydrate and Niteworks, but I may have drank too much. Felt like I was a walking blender with wet ingredients sloshing about.

Note to self – Thirsty is one thing, but trying to quench it all at once isn’t a good idea. Made me feel nauseous.

My Route

Guessing 8 miles on the city streets and 6 miles on trails. I find once I get to trails, I get a little bounce in my step. I think it’s the fact I need to concentrate on each step so I don’t roll an ankle.

14 mile run262

14 Mile Long Run

Saturday, 09-28-2013