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Day 11. Mark’s not there – Doug to the rescue.

Morning weight 173. Morning Herbalife shake and off I go. Second physical therapy session. Mark called in sick so they placed me with Doug. Today we actually got to do some neck alignment and we went to the hospital gym. Not quite 24-Hour Fitness or CalFit, but it felt like a reunion. I wanted to give the machines a hug because it’s been so long, I’ve missed them.

Doug found a neck position to relieve the tingling in the right arm. Imagine a confused dog and what they do with their heads, that’s the position.

No more tingling in arms

Head position to relieve tingling in arm

Keep that position and tuck the neck down towards the chin. Ahhhh … relief. My goal, try not to look confused 24 hours-a-day, but Mark makes a solid point. The less tingling, the better. It will help with any inflammation of the nerve. Life lesson #11 – if you have something uncomfortable in your life, change the position or perspective before the situation inflames.

Set-up third appointment and progress is here. Mark mentioned the lack of motion may take 1 year to remedy. We will do more home and office physical therapy and if there isn’t any significant improvement, refer to a orthopedic doctor for further tests.