Day 69. Let’s Start the Long Runs

Feels a bit like I’m training for something big. Waking up early on a Saturday morning, strapping on my Brooks. Seems like only yesterday, cartoons and Soul Train were the only reason to wake up this early.

RunKeeper says Day 3 — easy pace 8-miler. It’s just too bad I don’t have Lose Yourself on this easy pacer … that song still pumps me up to this day. They played it for the Tough Mudder Hype song with the Hypeman screaming over the top of it. Flava Flav had nothing over this guy! With a half-a-banana breakfast and an 16-ounce glass of Herbalife24 Prepare, I’m good and gone! See you in about 70-minutes!

Life lesson #69 – Getting a plan is great, but only if you work the plan.

Morning weight. 171. Post run weight 168.

Today’s Meals:

  • 7:15am – Post Run Meal
    • Herbalife24 Prepare
    • 3/4 banana
  • 8:40am – During Run Meal (around mile 4 – finished around mile 5)
    • Clif Shots Chocolate
  • 9:40am – Home. Herbalife24 Hydrate in 8 ounces of water.
  • 10:20am – Herbalife Formula 1 French Vanilla Protein Shake. 5 oz of Healthy Balance Apple Juice, 2 fresh strawberries with stems (I ran out), 1/2 cup of Costco Organic Frozen Blueberries, and 1/2 frozen banana. In lieu of the strawberries, added 1/2 peach. 1 scoop of Formula 1 and 2 scoops of Herbalife Personalized Protein Powder. 1 cup of spinach. 1 cup of kale.
    • I only drank 1/2. Wasn’t feeling so hungry.
  • 11:45am – Vietnamese Restaurant
    • 2 1/2 cups Pho Beef Noodle Soup
    • 1 Veggie Spring Roll
    • 3 pieces Pho Fried Fish
    • 4 oz of Lipa, Fresh Buko Juice (coconut)
    • 4 oz of Hawaiian Sun Guava
  • 7:30pm – Thai food
    • 1 serving Yellow tofu curry (mild)
    • 1 1/2 servings Tofu pad thai (medium)
    • 1/4 cup of rice
  • 8:30pm – European Chocolate Biscuit (1)
  • 10:30pm – Homemade Nachos
    • 1 1/2 servingg Tostitos Thin Cantina Style Chips
    • 1 cup of homemade salsa
    • 4 tbsp of Sunny Side sour cream
    • Jalapenos shown in picture, but didn’t taste so good. New bottle, but when we opened it, it didn’t have that “pop” of a fresh bottle. We’ve been duped!


Training for a run with Herbalife24 Herbalife Strong Herbalife Run

Meal 3

Training for a run with Herbalife24 Herbalife Strong Herbalife Run

Meal 3.1

Training for a run with Herbalife24 Herbalife Strong Herbalife Run

Meal 4

Today’s Activities:

  • Up at 6:45am. Run planned for 8am, so started drinking Herbalife24 Prepare an hour before my run. 
    • Tip! Not sure if it’s the Herbalife24 Prepare or just the 8 ounces of water, but I tend to use the bathroom twice in an hour before my run. I drink a ton of water throughout the day, probably 100 ounces, and I don’t need to use the bathroom this frequently with just plain water.
  • 8:15am – Day 3 of the RunKeeper first marathon plan. 8-miles, easy. At mile 4-ish, I ate a Clif Shot and carried it with me for the next mile. At mile 6.5, I felt a little soreness in my left knee and after 5 minutes, my right knee. Focused on my stride and fixed.
    • Overall. This plan is just what I needed. Rather than simply running when I can, I needed this schedule and approval to run easy. I am on my way to run my first marathon!
Training for a run with Herbalife24 Herbalife Strong Herbalife Run

8-mile steady pace

Saturday, 08-17-2013

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