Day 27. Long Drive. Home Sweet Home.

Eight-hundred and sixteen miles later, I’m home. We’re home. Home sweet home. Life lesson #27 – Never take your home for granted. Don’t complain about cleaning it or any other complaint. There are millions that would take your place.

It’s been 4 days since weigh in. I left at 173. I guessed I would be 173.5. At 7:30pm, the official weigh in was 174.5. No worries. By raceday in a week, I’ll be down to 172 and feeling like a Usain Bolt. But, with everything, I must reflect. This one’s easy. Little to no activity and eating out 2x’s per day — throw in a dessert on Thursday and an appetizer on Friday, there you go. One-and-a-half pounds. Interestingly, my wife lost 3 pounds. She wins the discipline battle.

Today’s Meal:

Training to run with Herblaife24 products Herbalife Strong

Food, no exercise.

Note: Herbalife Herbal Aloe Mango throughout the day. Best guess – 2 servings in water.

Today’s Activities:

  •  6 hour drive. Stopped every 2 1/2 hours — stretch.

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