Day 2. Day off, but not really.

Today is the second day of this journey to my first marathon. Exercise and nutrition. What I didn’t tell you from my virgin post is that I’m carrying many aches and pains. Let’s take inventory.

  • My feet hurt.
  • My right knee has a brace.
  • My left knee needs a brace.
  • My left shoulder pops back into place a la Riggs on Lethal Weapon at least twice per day. I can’t even lift it above the shoulder plane anymore. Injured it doing something years ago and a November 2012 Tough Mudder finished the job to its current condition.
  • My right shoulder goes hot and numb, creating a horrible tingly sensation in my fingers, manifesting itself into a different looking thumb nail. It’s getting bumpy.

But, the good news. I finally broke down and have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Guys and doctors/hospitals … ‘nuf said.

So today’s (Tuesday’s) accomplishments. My App says it’s an off-day for running, but I figured what can a few miles do. I saw a guy yesterday doing wind sprints up and down the overpass ramp. Sidenote — we live in a flat town so runners have to improvise our hills any way we can. So I improvised today as well. The goal, 30 minutes of improvised running, up and down the overpass ramp. Life lesson #2 – Uphill battles yield big rewards. 

Rise and shine – 8am. Morning weight 176.

Breakfast or 1st meal – 8:30am. Herbalife Formula 1 French Vanilla shake with Personalized Protein Powder. And fruits! Lots of fruits.

2nd meal – 10:30am. Detour Bar Low Sugar Caramel Peanut. Just half. I ate the other half yesterday for a snack.

Refreshments. 11:00am. 2 scoops of Niteworks in 16 ounces of water. Added a nice pour of Mango Aloe and H30 to complete my pre-drink ritual.


Temperature – 73 degrees. Perfect. (11:20am)

Time to run (11:21am). Today, I wore my New Balance. These shoes kill my feet, but it’s probably a mistake, but I’m trying to run through the pain. Off I go. Actually pass my neighbor, Karl, walking his dog. It’s 1/4 mile to the overpass and I’m excited for this aerobic twist. Up I go. Walk down back down. Up I go. Walk back down. I do this for 26 minutes and actually ended up with 2.37 miles. Note — these New Balance hurt when at jogging pace — at a sprinter’s pace, they feel pretty good. I’m ‘Wudy the Wabbit’ as Camp Counselor Tripper advised Rudy in Meatballs.

12:20pm – Feeling alive from those wind incline sprints. Time for some weights. I’ve lost some mass over the last 4 months. I actually am a graduate of P90X and Insanity so those programs, which I highly recommend, transformed my body. But these shoulder injuries have taken their toll and some “shrinkage” has occurred. haha. In any event, I can do some things so I do those things. I can do light free weights on the floor. My shoulder never passes beyond the plane and if it does, I can drop the weights. 5 sets — just like my P90X days, but with two more sets. I can no longer free weight shoulder presses, so it’s time for bands. It hurts, but that just means it’s working, right? Well, that’s what I tell myself. 5 sets – working between the dumbbell presses.

12:45pm – Down Herbalife Rebuild Endurance. I actually take Herbalife Restore for the first time and then read the label … take at night. Ooops. I chase my Restore tablet down with more Niteworks and a full pouch of Herbalife Hydrate.

Good day. This bible verse has become a significant part of my workouts. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Let’s go! Day 3 and hospital. Excited to finally get some answers as to what’s going on inside these shoulders-o-mine.

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