Day 1. Marathon or bust.

It’s about time. Better late than never. You still want to do that?

Yes, just a few of things I’ve heard as a result of making a verbal commitment to a group of friends and strangers that I wanted to run a marathon nearly a decade ago. So what did I learn? There’s always a lesson. Don’t emotionally and over-zealously commit to something you know nothing about … yes, we’re just getting to know each other, but I despised running. Notice the past-tense. More on that later.

The big lesson … finish what you start. And yes, it is about time. It is better late than never. and yes, I still want to do that! And I have two running partners. My iPhone and Herbalife24 products. Life lesson #1 – finish what you start.

My name in Ron and I am a runner. I am a half-marathon, full-marathon wannabe. And this is my story.

Countdown to The California International Marathon. As of this post, we are officially 181 days from the starting line. 5-months, 28 days. 15,638,400 seconds. 260,640 minutes. 4,344 hours. No matter how I write it, it’s still equates to one number I have my eyes set on … 26.2 miles.

Day 1.┬áMonday. Up at 7:00am. Snooze til 7:45am. Actually up at 8am. Morning weight 176.5 lbs. It was much colder this morning. Just 2 days ago, it was 111 degrees. So mid 60s … let’s go run. Had a strawberry, blueberry, banana shake with a ton of goodies, including Herbalife protein powder and Formula 1 French Vanilla. By 930am, now in the low 70s and after 8 ounces of Herbalife Niteworks, Lemon H30, and Mango Aloe … off I go. iPhone in hand and New Balance on my feet.

Good news. Low 70s. Bad news. Windy and my normal route cuts right through these wind gusts. I push through and 8.23 miles later, I get my first run in the books, thinking about Herbalife24 Rebuild Endurance.

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