Day 14. Fruits of the Spirit.

Grateful to be heading to church today. Studying the Book of Ester which happens to be the only book in the bible that there is no mention of God. Life lesson #14 – a world without God is a world that focuses on wealth, sex and beauty, and power. The Book of Ester was written in about 900 A.D. and the scenarios could be just as if they were written at 9 A.M.

Morning weight is 174.5 and I can’t wait to see what it reads, well after nature calls. My stomach is feeling very flat and tight. Pleased with the 2-week progress. Let’s recap:

Sunday, June 9th

  • Weight 176.5 pounds
  • Morning energy level 5. Always snoozing.
  • Sustained energy level throughout the day 7/8. Not yawning.
  • Hunger level throughout the day 6
  • Pants fit. I buy 34/30 Levis. I can fit into a 33 waist, however they’re way too tight on the thighs and I’m not one to wear skinny jeans.
  • Shirts fit loose. My large shirts aren’t as fitted anymore since I haven’t been able to workout with weights consistently or at all since November 2012. I have been running.

Sunday, June 23, 2013.

  • Weight 174.5 pounds
  • Morning energy level 7/8. Not snoozing as much.
  • Sustained energy level throughout the day 9/10. Not yawning and no excuses for workouts.
  • Hunger level throughout the day 2/3
  • Pants fit looser, but I won’t be buying 33/30s anytime soon. See immediately above reason.
  • Shirts fitting better. My large shirts starting to lay nicer on the body. Those small, but intentional floor dumbbell presses are injecting blood back into the muscles and I can feel the growth.
  • Physical therapy not started. Extreme limited range of motion of the left shoulder.

Two-week summary.

  • Lost 2 pounds
  • Gained morning energy
  • Gained sustained energy throughout the day
  • Lost inches on the waist
  • Feel tighter on the belly
  • Shirts fit better as the upper body feels stronger
  • Physical therapy showing progress. Can move my left shoulder a few more inches in directions that previously caused issues.

Happy with this progress and even though most people focus on the “Only 2 pounds!” data, the overall picture is fantastic! I’ll need to send a thank you to Herbalife! Here’s what I’m currently using:

My First Marathon using Herbalife24

My handy carrying case

These small nutrition and fitness changes are already paying huge dividends as my first marathon draws nearer.

My next organized half-marathon is also drawing nearer … about 3 weeks. It will be an evening event so today is better than ever to start to acclimate a bit to the early evening start time. Fueled up with 4 ounces of Herbalife Hydrate and saved the remaining 4 ounces as a treat when I get back home.

Long distance wasn’t on the calendar. Short and fast was definitely on the schedule tonight and check it out. The goal. Run my second mile below 8 minutes and match or beat my fastest mile ever at 7:52. Turns out, my first and second mile beat my fastest mile time. Feeling HerbalifeStrong!

My First Marathon on Herbalife24

Runkeeper time and splits

Recovery with 10 ounces of water and 2 scoops of Rebuild Endurance and 1 scoop Rebuild Strength. No reason to add the Rebuild Strength, but I tried blending them a few days ago and really liked how it tasted so it just came down to taste.

Will take a Restore tonight and another Joint Support. I’ve noticed that mixing my runs between long and steady, hill sprints, and short and fast have helped with my right knee problems, but doesn’t help to add with some glucosamine in Joint Support.

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