Day 13. Saturday Run With the Wife

7:30am weight – 174.5 pounds. 11:30am weight 173.5.

Let’s go for a an early overramp, aka hill, run. And a special run this morning with my wife. This will be extra fun today. With shared water bottle filled with Herbalife24 Hydrate and iPhones in hand, we’re off for short sprints to build endurance and quickness and ultimately burn calories.

My workout:

  • .5 mile run from our house to the ramp and run hard to top for change of elevation
  • walk down to the base of ramp at quick pace
  • hit the floor and do 10 plank in-and-outs and repeat hill run as fast as possible
  • repeat 10 times
My First Marathon with Herbalife24. Herbalife Strong

Screenshot of anaerobic workout.

Post workout walk to cool down to our favorite Chinese restaurant and a light lunch. Life lesson #13 – marriage and exercise is a recipe for a long marriage and long life. The Herbalife24 Hydrate we brought along for our sprints is all gone so even though it says not many calories burned, these anaerobic movements were made for a hydration drink to replenish and it worked like a charm.

Finished the last few hours of the night with Physical Therapy band movements and off to bed.

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