Day 110. Spaghetti Factory.

Day 110 – Today’s Meals

Marathon Food Plan. Carbs and cheeses and chips. The 3Cs of nutrition. But, poor choice of words, however … take a peek at the food journal. Still below my daily goal and says if I continue to eat like a normal human, I will still lose a bit of L-Bs. (pounds). Oh my … I can still be human and enjoy foods without counting points, without deprivation. I can be with versus without. But (here’s that but again), I did strap on the ole’ Brooks again today and hit the pavement. How many miles and time equals to managing the 3Cs of nutrition … find out here.

run262 marathon food plan

Today’s Meals 09-27-2013

When did I eat:

  • 6:50am (Meal 0) – Herbalife24 Prolong, Prepare, and Niteworks plus a couple pieces of frozen banana. Why frozen banana? Because that’s all I had. I freeze banana slices for my morning smoothies and didn’t plan for ahead for a non-frozen one. But, at the fair, freeze your banana and it’s actually called a dessert now.
run262 marathon food plan

Meal 0 — 6:50am

  • 10:40am (meal 1.1) – Yakisoba and Justin pairing. Crispy and salty plus biter sweet and savory.
run262 marathon food plan

Meal 1.1 10:40am

  • 1:10pm (Meal 2) – Tastybite Madras Lentils and leftover egg fried rice. This is another Costco find from years ago. Comes in a 4-pack (I think) and also packs big flavor. Microwave in a minute and bring on the protein and big flavors.
run262 marathon food plan

Meal 2 — 1:10pm

  • 4:45pm (Meal 3) – Various chips and cheeses and fruit. House warming party with tons of finger foods. Had to leave quickly because I didn’t want to leave with tons of extra calories.
ustronger herbalife nutrition

Meal 3 — 4:45pmustronger herbalife nutritionMeal 3 — 4:45pm

  • 7pm (Meal 3.1) – I like, strike that LOVE, chips and dips more than the average bear, however not for dinner. After the party, there’s always the afterparty. And tonight it was dinner for two at Spaghetti Factory. Manager’s Special with mushroom and mizithra plus my handy-dandy Herbalife tablets. I don’t think there is a fat blocker in there, but I certainly needed one tonight.
run262 marathon food plan

Meal 3.1 — 7pm

Friday, 09-27-2013

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