Day 110. 4-Mile Easy Run

Easy Run

Training session 27 of 64 — 4 mile easy run. At this stage of the game, I can actually say it is an “easy” run. Day 1 of 64, probably a different story, but goes to show you, keep at it (whatever your it is) and it will get easier.

Today’s run was easy-breezy. Didn’t push myself and cruised at a 8:20 per minute mile. Had much more in the tank after the run and pushed in some overpass/ramp runs to get more bang for my running buck.

It’s getting colder so I’ve got decisions to make — (1) wear the long sleeves like today or (2) run later in the morning when I can actually see a shadow. It’s been really dark out.

What would you do?

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RunKeeper 4 mile easy run

Friday, 09-27-2013

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