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Day 112. Say Cheese … Grilled Cheese (that is)

You’re never too old for grilled cheese. Repeat, never too old. I do encourage y’all to graduate from the Wonder Bread – Kraft American Cheese classic and guy some Artisan French breads and combine two of your favorite cheese slices. Mine are muenster and american.

run262 marathon meal plan

MyFitnessPal 09-29-2013

When did I eat?

  • Meal 1 (8:15am) – Herbalife morning smoothie before I head off to church.
  • Meal 1.1 (11:50am) — Morning shake now all used up by my body, time for a Scooby snack. These Kind Bars are just crunchy enough, just salty enough, and just chocolately enough. They are more than enough. Recommended.
run262 marathon meal plan

Meal 1.1 — 11:50am

  • Meal 2 (1:30pm) — Home from church and although it was too bad my wife couldn’t come because she wasn’t feeling well, what a happy comfort food surprise. No matter how old we get, we’re never too old for grilled cheese.
run262 marathon meal plan

Meal 2 — 1:30pm

  • Meal 2.1 (6:10pm) — Fresh cut Farmer’s Market peach slices to tide me over until a later dinner. In the background, Breaking Bad’s season finally just started.
run262 marathon meal plan

Meal 2.1 — 6:10pm

  • Meal 3 (7:30pm) — Campbell’s Mushroom with Boca. This is our ghetto Thanksgiving in September. I love this food.
run262 marathon meal plan

Meal 3 — 7:30pm

Sunday, 09-29-2013