Day 144. Marathon Meal and Training Plan.

Marathon Meal and Training Plan

Day 144.

Morning weight = 171

Today’s Meals:

MyFitnessPal Marathon Meal Plan

MyFitnessPal 10-31-2013

  • 8:12am (Meal 1a) – Donuts!
Marathon Meal Plan

Meal 1a – 8:12am



  • 9:41am (Meal 1b) – More donuts! Plus Herbalife Aloe Mango Concentrate.
Marathon Meal Plan

Meal 1b – 9:41am

  • 5:25pm (Meal 5) – Squeeze Inn (as seen on Food Network)
Marathon Meal Plan

Meal 5 – 5:25pm



  • 8:27pm (Meal 5a) – Pineapple wedges! Natural anti-inflammatory, but it just tastes good.
Marathon Meal Plan

Meal 5a – 8:27pm

Today’s Activities:

Thursday, 10-31-2013

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