Day 18. Tea Time!

Wow! It’s as if I’m training to get down to fight weight because I lost a significant day-to-day weight at check-in this morning. 172 pounds. Reflecting on the previous day’s food choices, all I can say is the only major difference in my food routine is Herbalife Herbal Concentrate Tea. I drank the original flavor and add a packet of Stevia.

So again, if it ain’t broke, don’t change it or fix it or … just keep doing the more of the same.

8:00am – 8 ounces of a cold Herbal Concentrate Tea with a packet of Stevia.

8:15am – Herbalife Formula 1 French Vanilla and Protein Fruit and Veggie Shake

10:00am – More cold tea. 4 ounces. No Stevia. And slammed it down fast.

1:00pm – More cold tea. 4 ounces. No Stevia. Slammed down fast.

I had regular food in between all this drinking … Trader Joe’s Pasta and I added a ton of hot pepper flakes. I’ve heard rumors the spices cause body heat which leads to an increased metabolism and ultimately, fat burn. True or not, sounds pretty scientific to me when I’ve got sweat pouring down my forehead and cheek. Plus, it tastes good. Life lesson #18 – whatever plan you choose, make sure it tastes good and you’ll stick to it. Also applies to employment — make sure you have a passion for what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life. I know, I know. I should’ve gave you a cliche warning.

Didn’t do my physical therapy today. Home late from an evening of providing Despicable Me 2 promotional items to little kids and celebrating a combo birthday – 46 year anniversary. Brother-in-law’s birthday. In-laws anniversary. Evening of Thai and laughs.

Good night and excited to see what Mr. Scale says tomorrow. My best guess … 173.5 which keeps me on track and on goal.

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