Day 17. Back on the Herbalife Train!

Looks like that Trenta Herbalife Herbal Tea worked some weight loss magic yesterday. Lost a pound and down to 173.5. They do call it drink and shrink so by that theory, the more I drink, I guess the more I should drink. Guess what I’ll be drinking this morning?

Downed about 5 ounces of Herbalife Herbal Concentrate Tea and chased it with my traditional Herbalife Formula 1 French Vanilla fruit smoothie. I’m back on the Herbalife Train! Woo-hoo!

Morning ritual complete:

Ready to tackle the world, well at least a toothbrush and a mop. Doing some detail work on the house today. Life lesson #17 – even though a mop can easily clean big spaces, the small crevices of your life need a toothbrush to make sparkle.

Afternoon drank another 5 ounces of tea and continued to happily carry on with housekeeping and need to get out of here in time for the screening of The Lone Ranger so I bettle hustle.

Hi-Ho Silver! Away … I go.

Good night.

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