Day 16. A Day Without Herbalife

Wife was away on a business trip yesterday and grateful she is going to stay home today. Up early and we’re going to master the morning. Morning weight 174.5. Today’s goal is one-fold … clean the grout in the floor and kitchen counters.

Armed with all the products I purchased yesterday based on the hours of Googling

  • Best product to make grout white
  • Best product to clean grout

Here’s what I settled on:

Rust Lime Calcium (RLC) versus Calcium Lime Rust (CLR). Who is the winner?

Home Depot vs Dollar Tree. Who comes out on top?

Zepp Grout Whitener versus Tile Grout Cleaner from Dollar Tree.

Home Depot versus Dollar Tree. Who comes out on top?

Then an early afternoon trip to The Dollar Tree to get some other products I found on more Google searches:

And while I was at The Dollar Tree, I found a product called Tile Grout Cleaner so I bought it and decided to Google when I got home. So, it got pretty good reviews so I’ll try it.

OK, so now it’s 8am and after some kitchen, nook, family room prep work, I’m armed and ready to do my best Tim the Toolman imitation. I start with the Tile Grout Cleaner I purchased for $1. It’s actually showing at least a few shades whiter, but ringing in the back of my head is something we all have heard over and over … “you get what you pay for.” So, if that’s the case, at almost $7 for the product that reviewed well (Zepp Grout Cleaner and Whitener), it should be 7x’s better and give me 7 whiter shades … right? Well, not 7x’s, but I did notice a bubbling affect when poured directly on the grout lines. I followed the directions to a “T” because of its high-toxicity, except the huge warning that says don’t use on countertops. I just couldn’t resist.

Life lesson #16 – you get what you pay for, but you still need to put the effort and scrub!

Ok, it’s now 8:30. Almost an hour beyond my normal 1st meal. My countertops are a mini Chernobyl and I have a floor fan set on high pointed directly at my two beta 5-gallon tanks. I got a warning from a late 20s couple when I was pulling Zepp off the shelf. Said it works great, but their dog had to be kept outside. I’m hoping the fans can keep Marcel and Musubi happy and healthy. I  added some fresh water just in case.

Well, my routine Herbalife Formula 1 French Vanilla Shake is off the menu this morning. After reading the warning labels on Zepp, you don’t need to be a food scientist to know the stuff isn’t made to be near food. Plus, I just watched a movie called The East and it covered government poisonings of its people. I’m not volunteering for that program. My wife comes to the rescue and it’s a high protein, very low sugar breakfast of 2 fried eggs and 2 1/2 strips of Morning Star bacon.

Finally finished the floors and countertops at 5pm. Nearly 9 hours later and a quick 15-minute union break for lunch, it’s done. Forgot the before and after photos, but the verdict is, Zepp does the job.

Went the entire day without any Herbalife, except a pick-me-up of Herbalife Herbal Concentrate Tea. If I was ordering this at Starbucks, they’d say “Trente for Ron” I had a single goal today and done. Finish what you start. I even returned home after 10pm from watching a screening of Despicable Me 2 and with a warm soapy sponge, cleaned off the countertops in preparation for tomorrow morning. I think I have shake withdrawals.

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