Day 149. Marathon Meal and Training Plan.

Marathon Meal and Training Plan

Day 149.

Morning weight = 170.5

Today’s Meals:

MyFitnessPal Marathon Meal Plan

MyFitnessPal 11-05-2013

  • 11:45am (Meal 3) – My wife’s famous veggie chili and cornbread. Dangerously good. Juanita’s gluten-free tortilla chips — not homemade, but very good. They are much lighter with a nice crunch.
Marathon Meal Plan

Meal 3 – 11:45am


  • 6:20pm (Meal 5) – As Seen on TV – Squeeze Inn burger with friends
Marathon Meal Plan

Meal 5 – 6:20pm

Today’s Activities:

  • One more day off and I’ll get back on the road. This is officially a RunKeeper off-day anyway so I’m enjoying the third day off. My knees are thanking me.

Tuesday, 11-05-2013

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