Day 150. Marathon Meal and Training Plan.

Marathon Meal and Training Plan

Day 150.

Morning weight = 172. 5.22 mile run today — forgot to do a post weigh in.

Today’s Meals:

MyFitnessPal Marathon Meal Plan

MyFitnessPal 11-06-2013

  • 6:54am (Meal 1) – Pre run nutrition. Herbalife24 Prepare and Herbalife Niteworks. Plus a Clif Shot Chocolate and a half a banana. Man, writing it down, it seems like a lot of food.
Marathon Meal Plan

Meal 1 – 6:54am (Pre Run Nutrition)

  • 5:30pm (Meal 5) – Quick sesame tofu rice bowl before we catch a press screening of Dallas Buyers Club.
Marathon Meal Plan

Meal 5 – 5:30pm

Today’s Activities:

  • 5.22 mile run today. 8:16 minute per mile pace. First mile 9 — last mile 7:46. Total calories burned 686.

Wednesday, 11-06-2013

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