Day 109. Veggie Corndogs


MyFitnessPal 09-26-2013

When did I eat:

  • 8:15am – (Meal 1) Breakfast is served. Herbalife smoothie and Herbalife Core Complex.
  • 11:20am – (Meal 2) Lunchtime. My wife discovered this while at work. A unknowing co-worker shared her Yakisoba with her. My wife since confessed and it’s all good. My next Costco trip was just for this noodle bowl. Chased my food with Herbalife supplements.
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Meal 2

  • 2:20pm – (Meal 2.1) Snack time. Yes, that Yakisoba was “yucky” at all. It was “yummy”soba. Sorry about that … but I’m sure the kids will like the play on words. Chased with my favorite snack food of all time, Lay’s Original Chips.
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Meal 2.1

  • 5:45pm – (Meal 3) Possibly a dinner, but definitely good. Hot Dog on a Stick veggie corndog and some fries. The picture shows a lot of ketchup and mustard, but it was just for the photo op. I’ll stick with mustard on my burgers.
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Meal 3

  • 7:40pm – (Meal 3.1) C.R.E.A.M. – Cookies Rule Everything Around Me. Not quite Wutang, but I’m sure their lawyers will be calling soon. First visit and quite possibly my last. I’ll stick with It’s It. The cookie was hard — one bite and all the ice cream squeezed out and the cookie broke. Not the cleanest way to eat an ice cream sandwich.
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Meal 3.1

  • 9pm – (Meal 4) Homemade egg fried rice to end the night.
run262 ustronger marathon nutrition

Meal 4

Thursday, 09-26-2013

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