Day 101. Negative Splits

Up at 6:15am to get my nutrition down at least 45 minutes before my morning run. All that is needed is a banana and some type of hydration drink that is carb central.

Before drinking Herbalife24 Prepare. I would feel a tired — no weary better describes it. You know the feeling. It’s the feeling you get when you’ve had to skip breakfast and lunch is pushed back an hour, but the day-to-day stuff hasn’t stopped. Hands start feeling a little shaky. Thoughts start drifting.

After drinking Herbalife24 Prepare. I don’t experience the crash described above. This is important for endurance runs because once your body crashes, mentally it is hard to tell yourself, “keep going — don’t give up.”

Life lesson #101 — We wear seat belts to protect us from harm against a crash. Do the same with your nutrition.

Morning weight = 172.5. Post-run weight … forgot to measure.

Today’s Meals:

herbalife24 run

Meal 1 — 8:45am

Capture Lunch

Meal 2 — 12:20pm

Capture Dinner

Meal 3 — 7:20pm

Capture Snacks

Various Meals (see below for times)


  • 6:30am – Meal 0 (Pre-Run Nutrition). Banana and Herbalife24 Prepare (2 scoops), Niteworks (1 scoop)
  • 3pm – Meal 2.1 Breakfast for snacks! Cereal Killer!

Capture Results

negative splits

Meal 0 — 7:15am

Meal 2 12:20pm

Meal 2 12:20pm

negative splits

Meal 2.1 3pm

Meal 3 - 7:20pm

Meal 3 – 7:20pm

Today’s Activities:

  • Hump Day, Run Day. MyRunkeeper says, “6 mile negative splits.” Start at 10:20/mile and drop 10 seconds each mile, finishing at 9:50/mile.
  • As you can see from the splits below, I don’t follow instructions very well. I ran the first “slow” mile at 9:26 and the next 4 miles “fast” at 8:19/mile and finished the final “slow” mile at 8:29/mile. I’m starting to really like this!
herbalife24 marathon

6 mile negative splits  (09-18-2013)

Wednesday, 09-18-2013

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