Day 125. Oktobrewfest


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Oktobrewfest Runners

Race day. Or more appropriately, race night. 6pm start. RunKeeper has me on a scheduled 4 mile plus strides which basically is 4 miles slow, 20 seconds fast, 2 minutes slow and repeat for about 6 total miles. This matches perfectly with tonight’s Oktobrewfest 10K. I stay on track with my training runs and actually get a medal just for participating. I feel like those 7 year old “black belts” who continue to advance in martial arts, but when you watch them, it looks like they couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag, but they sure do have a loud Kiya! I’m getting a medal for doing what I should be doing is all I’m saying.

Oktobrewfest Davis run262

Oktobrewfest Results

Let’s compare yesterday’s results and put the start steady and finish strong theory to the test. The great thing about running is that your time is your time. There’s really no grey area. Sure you can have bad weather and “off-days”, but for the most part, all things being equal, your times are your times. So after months of start steady and finish strong, let’s see the numbers:

run262 runkeeper 10K

Mile Splits

The proof is in the numbers. Even though I ran about a mile more, each mile was done with more purpose. I had a goal of finishing in the top of my age group and ended up 8/23. Overall, 51/343. Very happy with the results and reinforces known beliefs.

Applying discipline over time will produce results. Just be mindful of where you devote your discipline. As a result of all the early, cold, and sniffle-inducing mornings, I am reaping the benefits.

Morning weight = 169.5. No post-race weight taken.

Today’s Meals:

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MyFitnessPal 10-12-2013

  • 4:30pm (Meal 2.1 – Pre Race Nutrition) — It’s important to get proper nutrition at least an hour before a run. And since tonight, I was going to go full stride, definitely need some fuel. 2 scoops of Herbalife24 Prepare, 2 scoops of Herbalife24 Prolong, 2 scoops of Herbalife Niteworks, and a banana. I’m ready! Let’s go!
run262 Herbalife24

Pre-race nutrition

Today’s Activities:

  • Oktobrewfest 10K race. Start was in the north side of town. My typical runs never go this direction because I didn’t know what was there. Not only did I have personal bests for this distance, averaging 7:55 per mile, I discovered 2 lakes and at least 3 miles of trail. I’ll be coming out here again.
run262 runkeeper

RunKeeper 10-12-2013 / Oktobrewfest Results

Saturday, 10-12-2013

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