Day 160. Marathon Meal and Training Plan.

Marathon Meal and Training Plan

Day 160.


Red Dress Gala

Red Dress Gala for my niece’s sorority. Great food. Great people. Nice to see young people bucking the sorority stereotype.

They raised over $12K for heart disease.




Morning weight = 171. Post 10.01 mile run 165.5

Today’s Meals:

MyFitnessPal Marathon Meal Plan

MyFitnessPal 11-16-2013

  • 8:38am – (Meal 1) – Pre run nutrition. Herbalife24 Prepare and Prolong. Herbalife Niteworks. Half a banana. That Clif Shot is for between mile 2-3.
Marathon Meal Plan

Meal 1 – 8:38am


  • 10:57am – (Meal 2) – Post run snack to get us to Meal 3 without being hungry.

Marathon Meal Plan

  • 1:29pm (Meal 3) – Celebrating my auntie’s birthday. I dare not ask her which birthday it is. Notice the 7UP — yes, it was a run day today.
Marathon Meal Plan

Meal 3 – 1:29pm

  • 6:43pm – (Meal 5) – Annual Red Dress Gala. Sorority event to raise awareness and money for heart disease.
Marathon Meal Plan

Meal 5 – 6:43pm

Today’s Activities:

  • 10 mile run. 8:28 mile per minute average. Burned 1,310 calories. First mile 8:48. Last (and fastest) mile 8:05.


Saturday, 11-16-2013

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