Day 146. Marathon Meal and Training Plan.

Marathon Meal and Training Plan

Day 146.

Morning weight = 169 / post 14.01 mile run 166

Today’s Meals:

MyFitnessPal Marathon Meal Plan

MyFitnessPal 11-02-2013

  • 8:30am (Meal 1) – Pre run nutrition. Herbalife24 Prolong, Prepare and Herbalife Niteworks. Plus a banana.
Marathon Meal Plan

Meal 1 – 8:30am



  • 12:43pm (Meal 3) – Post race carb up at one of our favorite local watering holes! Eggs benedict and their world famous buckwheat pancakes.
Marathon Meal Plan

Meal 3 – 12:43pm

  • 6:29pm (Meal 5) – First birthday party at our friend’s house. Our first time trying some Russian classics, including the honey cake. A bit too sweet for our taste, but it is a beautiful looking cake.
Marathon Meal Plan

Meal 5 – 6:29pm

  • 9:29pm (Meal 5a) – Post party snack. Trying a slice of pizza from a local spot that just opened. Let’s just say … we will return. Very good.
Marathon Meal Plan

Meal 5a – 9:29pm

Today’s Activities:

  • 14.01 mile run this Saturday morning. 9:40 minute per mile clip. First mile 9:54. Last mile 10:24. Fastest mile 8:58. Total 1834 calories burned.
  • Stopped by our local shoe shop today and checked out the pair of shoes I bought recently, but returned. These are those shoes. (Insert Law and Order sound)
Adidas Adizero Adios Boost

Adidas Adizero Adios Boost








Saturday, 11-02-2013

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