Day 6. No SIT-ting on SAT-urday

Up and going on a Saturday morning. 7:20am – weighed in at 173.5 lbs. And a little secret, had dinner with family and friends just 12 hours earlier and did my best Kobayashi impersonation with Roma’s Pizzeria. Life lesson #6 – enjoying the company of others with laughter is a major part of healthy living.

8:15am – 1st meal of the day. Formula 1 French Vanilla Herbalife Shake with Personalized Protein Powder. Packed full of fruits.

With my wife off to the beauty salon, time to hit the pavement. 10:45am. Loaded up on 8 ounces of Herbalife24 Hydrate and double-checked to make sure I had band-aids strategically placed to prevent rubbing. If you didn’t know, technical shirts can rub you raw. Please don’t test me on this … just trust me. Let’s just say these shirts need warning labels and disclaimers.

Run time temperature 79-degrees. Sounds cool, but after 3 miles, you begin to warm up pretty quickly. Started to overheat today at mile 6. Actually had a chill, but no sweat. I’m not a doctor, but I know WebMD. Sounds like heatstroke symptoms, so I reluctantly walk for 5 minutes and it seemed to help, but I didn’t want to push it. So I did another 1.19 miles of overpass sprints to mix up my workout. Special thank you to a fellow runner on the overpass, “I should do that too!” to which I responded, “huh?” In my defense, I had Nirvana pumping through my earphones and I was out of breath. “Huh” was the best I could muster. Total mileage today – 7.19

I am still way short of my distance and time from just 2-months ago. My warm-up distance was 7 miles and 10 miles was very doable. Also, discovered a new goal. I brought my jumprope with me on the run … discovered I am unable to jump rope right now because of the limited movement in my left shoulder. When I can jump, it will be a new benchmark the physical therapy is working.


This week, my feet have been hurting so I did a history search on my App RunKeeper. Says I have run a total of 452 miles since joining RunKeeper’s community.

I Googled “how many miles …” and Google must know me. The first suggestions was “… before replacing running shoes” and it suggests between 300-400. Looks like I have a trip to Fleet Feet in my future, but apparently I need to drive here and not run. My shoes have expired!

I ran straight to Chinese to meet my wife for lunch. After a run or any type of exercise, I don’t feel very hungry so I ate about half my lunch special. Or maybe I wasn’t too hungry because they gave me 3 glasses, each full of ice water. Those went down fast and after 3 water refills, that was 48 ounces of water I drank.

Home by 12:45pm. Time to do my physical training. Since Thursday, I have actually seen an increase in my range of motion which coincides with an increase in my pain tolerance. I’m pushing through this and determined to get back to swinging a golf club or at a bare minimum, putting on a shirt without wincing.

Herbalife Rebuild Endurance will have to wait. 48 ounces of water and I don’t think I can hold any more liquid.

10:26pm – Herbalife Restore, but with another 8-ounces of water. Great day. Lessons learned.

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