Day 5. Stick to the Plan

Well from Wednesday to Thursday, I gained a few pounds by sticking to the plan and was reminded to celebrate my efforts, but reflect on the results. I reflected and didn’t find anything out of the usual, so I stick to the plan. My goal. Marathon. Part of my plan, lose a few pounds. My theory, if I am running for 4+ hours, less weight to carry is better than more weight to carry. Don’t believe me, grab a 16 pounds bowling ball or a sack of rice and carry it around Ikea while you shop. You’ll understand very quickly.

So, Wow! Morning weight at 7:10am was 174. Almost down to my Tough Mudder weight where I was cat-like, limber, and lean. Life lesson #5 – reflect on your past successes and if you want the same results, just do those things again. Time for my Formula 1 French Vanilla and Personalized Protein Shake. Breakfast is served!

10:30am. Physical therapy movements. I woke up in the middle of the night from the previous day’s movements. My left arm and shoulder were in positions I haven’t been able to achieve in about 5-months and the pain in the middle of the night reminded me of this new found stretching and pulling. Up and down. Tug and pull. I may be able to scratch the lower part of my back with my left shoulder soon. It’s almost there. 3 sets of 20 reps for two out of the three exercises. Will finish tonight.

I mixed my home physical therapy with some resemblance of a P90X light workout. I had a new confidence in the progress and attempted some pushups for the first time since December 2012. I’m not winning any CrossFit competition right now, but I was able to push out 5 and 2 of them actually didn’t have any pain. Far cry from 50 in 1-minute I use to do, but it will come.

I do feel a difference in flexibility and my Bowflex weights looked a little dusty. I can do floor barbell flys with light weights. This is great news. Between sets, I use bands for shoulder presses. I did try to use free weights, but dropping weights on my head didn’t sound like fun today. Bands it is. Used the more resistant bands and immediately went into a P90X in-and-out curl. Worked in a set of my physical therapy rope and repeated. Just like the old days.

5:15pm. Finished up physical therapy movements. Already feel a positive change.

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