Day 106. Overdue

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I’ve had books overdue at the library. My wife has been overdue on her monthly cycle — unfortunately it was a false alarm. We were hoping and praying. I even have a run stroller in mind, but that’s a different blog. Now I can add “overdue” to my training regiment.

After my big Pacman push yesterday, I just didn’t need a rest. My body was telling me I needed a rest. I felt twinges in areas that I don’t normally feel so yes RunKeeper, thanks for pointing out that I’m “overdue.” I cliche-icly figured, “this is a marathon, not a sprint” so I will fight (ahem … run) another day. Missing one scheduled run won’t keep me from crossing the finish line.

Life lesson #106 — If books are overdue, you pay a fine. If your body is overdue, pay attention. Don’t injure yourself in the short-term for a long-term goal.

Morning weight = 172

Today’s Meals:

herbalife 24

Meal 1 — 8:15am


Meal 2 — 11:30am

herbalife run

Meal 3 — 5:30pm

herbalife run

Meal 2.1 — 3pm


MyFitnessPal 09-23-2013 Results

Today’s Activties:

  • Press screening of Ron Howard’s Rush and hanging with my parents. They are our movie partners. Regarding the movie … loved it and I know nothing about the world of Formula 1. If you think Derby folk are high-society, Formula 1 honks make the Derby look like a ghetto.

Monday, 09-23-2013

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