Day 104. Is Chili a Good Pre-Run Meal?

What a perfect God we have. I’m scheduled for 8-miles today. But wait … I have an 8-mile Rock The 80s race tomorrow. I don’t need to see people walking on water to call it a miracle or the blind given sight. Are those miracles, of course! Is this a miracle? Of course! Reminds me of one of my favorite scriptures:

Romans 8:28 — All things work together for good for those that are called according to His purpose.

I haven’t quite gone “bumpersticker with this”,but I the magnet hangs on my fridge. Over the years, I have seen God do wonders and this scripture has been a foundation in my life. I’ve found that even if things don’t work out as we plan (keyword “we”), God’s plan is always better, thus the ALL THINGS. If you study that, just imagine. ALL THINGS. Not just some things, but ALL THINGS. I love this promise from God.

And this is so cool … since I didn’t run today, RunKeeper somehow didn’t even dock me a non-training day. Even calls it a rest day. Today’s words of encouragement … I like RunKeeper even more now. Quoting bible scriptures!

Ecclesiastes 11:4

Ecclesiastes 11:4

Life lesson #104 — There are no small miracles, only small visions. Give thanks!

What I learned today from my food intake … my wife’s homemade chili has almost no sugar. Note to self! But, is “Chili a good pre-run meal?” Here’s the answer

Morning weight = 173.5

Today’s Meals:

herbalife run

Meal 1 — 8:45am

Herbalife run

Meal 2 — 1:30pm

herbalife run

Meal 3 — 7:30pm

herbalife run

Meal 2.1 3:30pm


Today’s Activities:

  • Rest day. Ready for tomorrow’s race! Wondering what costumes I’ll see tomorrow … will there be a Tubbs and Crockett sighting? Would be hard to run in alligator slip ons.

Saturday, 09-21-2013


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