Day 128. Parents are the Best

Parents are the Best

Celebrating a day with my parents and wife. Dinner and a movie. Parents are the best and I’m fortunate to still have them both in my life. As they get older, it’s even more apparent how much they have influenced my life.

From my pop. I have the same temperament. If our lives were bumper stickers, it would read “no problem.”

From my mom. I have the same “don’t stop” attitude. We’d both rather keel over and faint before we gave up.

Happy birthday Pop!

Morning weight = 169.5

Today’s Meals:

run262 myfitnesspal meal plan

MyFitnessPal 10-15-2013

  • 6pm (Meal 3) — Johnny Rockets Boca Burger Classic. Don’t forget … they have bottomless fries. Our server was in the Halloween mood.
run262 johnny rockets

Meal 3 — 6pm

  • 10pm (Meal 4 – Not shown on MyFitnessPal numbers). Why? I only ate a little. This was for my parents birthday snack.
run262 meal plan

Meal 4 – 10pm

Today’s Activities:

  • Celebrated my pop’s birthday. Dinner, movie, and high-end pastries. He is constantly saying he isn’t a cake guy, but every birthday we attend, I see him eating cake. My pop is the most laid back and honorable person. Filled with integrity. Quick to forgive and slow to anger. God bless you pop!
  • We watched a press screening of Escape Plan. Sly and Arnold. One of these is my favorite actor. Here’s a clue … it’s the one that denied using steroids. Escape Plan … two big thumbs up.

Tuesday, 10-15-2013

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