Ajinomoto Yakisoba Frozen Food Review

Frozen Food Review – Ajinomoto Yakisoba

My wife caught a case of the hungries while she was at work and didn’t plan for a mid day snack. She’s really good at planning so my guess is that someone bailed on her for lunch plans so she had to resort to Plan B. Sneak into the community fridge. Community and fridge can be a scary prospect, but today was a good day. I believe we’re both glad she was bailed on because she discovered these frozen bowls of noodle goodness.

Ajinomoto Yakisoba

Japanese-style stir fried noodles with crispy vegetables and a savory sauce.

The Good. Just look at the description again. Crispy. Savory. What else do you need? Just don’t let that “Eat This, Not That” guy see you in the aisle buying this. Watching him regularly on The Today Show, he’d probably come up with some oddball equivalent. “You might as well eat 1,000 Twinkies” and follow it with a slapstick pun “because if you eat Yakisoba, people will Watchi-Growa.” In reality, it only has 500 calories per bowl and it cooks in 3 minutes. So Eat This!

The Bad. Cannot find anything to complain about. It’s cheap. It’s fast to make. It’s delicious. Some may bark about the serving size not being very large, but come on. Let’s just pretend this is the 1970s again before we were fooled with the McD’s Supersize-Me Mentality. The size it perfectly adequate to fill your hunger or snacking needs. And if not, here’s a hint. Eat slower.

The Deal. Go buy it. Costco’s freezer section. It comes in a 6-pack for about $12 — watch this. That’s $2 a piece. See, after I ate it, I even got smarter.

Ajinomoto Yakisoba Review
Yakisoba Review
Ajinomoto Yakisoba Review
Yakisoba Cooking Instructions
Ajinomoto Yakisoba Review
Fast and Delicious

Thursday, 09-26-2013

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